New Year’s Closet Cleanse

January 14, 2018
 I love fashion and I spend way too much of my time tracking fashion trends and how people are wearing them. Season after season trending clothing pieces make their way into my closet I wear it 5-10 times and then I get tired of it. A couple times a year I like to get organized and actually hang my clothes up instead of just leaving them all over the floor. As much as I love being organized and seeing all my clothing hanging up in one place, I absolutely HATE no DREAD cleaning it out. This is only because I don’t really have a system to cleaning it and it usually takes me hours to get the task done. I turned to the internet to help me create a system to organize my closet and utilize all the space that I have.

Be in the right mindset

While cleaning out your closet may be overwhelming and intimidating it is important to be in the right mindset. This is vital because you don’t want to be mad and on a rampage of throwing everything out or, so attached to things that you won’t get rid of any of it. Although, it is pretty emotional to bring ourselves to actually get rid of anything it is important to stay detached and think rationally. Yes, clothing can hold special memories but when was the actual last time you wore that shirt? Has it been years? Get rid of it.

Make the time

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to take up your entire weekend, set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to get it all done. It can go by fast if you have a system in place. Step 1. Take everything off the hangers and out of our dressers, 2. Organized it into piles of keep, maybe keep, and donate. Step 3. Go through every item and really think about the last time you wore it. Step 4. Put everything back in its place all folded or hung up or in a bag to donate to goodwill.

Utilized all the space that you have

You may think that you only have the space provided like the clothing rods, shelves, and your dresser. BUT, in reality you can create more space by utilizing the floor, closet doors, and wall space. Every nook and cranny can be covered by racks, hooks or hangers. A great way to utilize space is to invest in stack-able shoe racks (This is my favorite from IKEA), some door hangers, wall hooks, and  storage boxes. All of these items will save you space and make your clothing, shoes, and accessories easily accessible.

Ask yourself the important questions

“Have I worn this in the past year?” The important part of cleaning out your closet is to take a good hard look at every single piece and ask yourself “when was the last time I wore this?” or “did I ever wear this?” If the answer is more than a year ago, donate it.

Season Check

One very easy way to create more space in your closet is to take out the seasonal items, pack them into a bin and store them away until it is time to wear them again. Get a clear bin labeled with what clothing is inside, in it put all the summer dresses, bathing suits, tank tops, shirts, and shorts. You can store this bin under your bed or on high shelves in your closet. You won’t need these clothing pieces in the dead of winter so it’s easier on you and your closet to store them in a different place.

The Ribbon Method

This is something I came across online and thought it was such an easy way to instantly see what I haven’t worn in months and that I should rethink why I even own it. Once your closet is all organized and everything is hung up put a ribbon on one side of your clothing rod all the way to the left or right. As you wear clothing and go to hang it back up put it on the other side of the ribbon. After a couple weeks you’ll easily be able to see what you don’t wear and after a couple months you’ll be able to recognized the articles of clothing that you don’t touch at all. Those are the items that you should rethink as to why you even own them and if they should be donated.

What to do with all the clothing that you want to get rid of

If an item isn’t broken, yellowing, or an undergarment, put it in the donate pile. Companies like Goodwill make it easy to drop off used items and are even tax deductible. Consignment shops are a great place to take your clothes to be resold at a very low price to other people. This is a great way to make a couple bucks off clothing you were just going to get rid of anyway and a very environmentally friendly way to recycle clothing. Most consignment stores like to receive items that are trendy and are in stores now. The key to getting top dollar is to sell your items at the right time of year.


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2 responses to “New Year’s Closet Cleanse”

  1. ashton says:

    So neat. i always try to clean mine up but it never seems to last

    • CozyStylist says:

      To be honest my closet will stay neat and clean for about 2 weeks and then everything ends up back on the floor but I usually have to hang everything back up and sort through everything one a month.

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