February 14, 2018

Over the last couple of years when I was really starting to put together a capsule wardrobe, I started to notice a pattern in the items that I was buying. That pattern would be stripes – blue and white stripes to be exact. I was folding laundry the other week and counted just how many articles of clothing have blue and white stripes on them, 17. Seventeen with blue and white stripes and 6 more with other color stripes. My name is Lindsey and I am a sucker for anything with stripes on it.

I have tried to branch out to buy different patterns like polka dots or plaid but I always put those items back and pick up anything striped. It’s like SpongeBob said “The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time”

Recently I bought some sweaters that were NOT blue and white and found out that I really look good in other colors! Like pink – who knew?

This sweater caught my eye in Nordstrom and I walked right up to it knowing that I wanted to try it on. It was so soft and kind of had an oversized fit that gives off a slouchy look. I loved the open-dot pattern down the middle of the sweater and on the sleeves. When I got home I instantly began picking out items that would look good with the sweater. I paired it with light wash skinny jeans and what seems to be everyone’s favorite white ankle boots.


This sweater, in particular, is great though because it has a variety of colors on it that could be matched to so many other items. For example, you can wear this with a black winter beanie, black skinny jeans, and add a pop of pink with rose-tone flats or mules.

For those of you in warmer weather, this sweater is perfect to pair with a pair of ripped denim capri pants and cute sandals or sneakers. I can’t wait to wear this sweater in the spring times because it will still be kind of cold but I’ll want to dress in cute springtime colors. So this sweater is PERFECT.


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  1. Joice J says:

    You look awesome, I like the entire outfit especially the white boots you have. Great post! Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN? If you decided to follow me, please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you xoxo

  2. Aaron says:

    Ah I definitely live in striped fashion too! Something I feel I will never stop wearing! <3

  3. Sarah says:

    Ooh that BP sweater is SO cute. I love all the suggestions!! 🙂

    • CozyStylist says:

      Thanks so much! BP is becoming one of my favorite brands, they make such cute clothing that is made of the softest material!

  4. zoe says:

    I think we all fall victim to liking what we like and basically buying the same thing over and over. I’m that way with white shirts lol. This blue sweater in particular is really adorable! I’ve seen others with cute sherbert/pastel colors too!

    • CozyStylist says:

      We all have our comfort zone items that we always buy and wear way too much. It is important though to remember to try new things, for me – wearing other colored stripes and not just blue and white.

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