Trend Alert: Faux Fur Coats

Trend Alert: Faux Fur Coats
This season there has been an influx of faux fur fashion products offered in stores, from coats to bags to shoes, scarves, and hats. This faux fur trend came into mainstream fashion in a different way than fashion trends normally hit the mass markets. Faux fur came from the actual fashion industry as a whole deciding that the cruelty towards animals and all the unnecessary pain that they have to go through is not worth extinction of the animal just for an article of clothing. Most designers have made the environmentally conscious decision to use faux-fur instead of real fur and that is not only good for the environment and animals but, it also benefits you and your wallet.
There used to be this conviction that coats that were faux fur were really synthetic/shiny looking (plastic) and that it would be perceived as cheap and unappealing. There have been so many advancements in the textile industry that a machine can literally mimic the texture and feel of real fur when it is really a synthetic material. They can replicate the fur of a rabbit or mink and make it seem like the real fur but, it’s not. This is great for us because now we can save money and still have a piece of mind that a beautiful animal did not have to die for us to look fabulous.
In these cold winter months, it can be difficult to find a chic and stylish way to stay warm but luckily clothing stores have bestowed upon us fun candy-colored faux fur coats, jackets, and vest. They are cuddly and warm and also make you look fabulous while feeling like you’re wearing a blanket all day. These types of coats are a great casual and low key way to experiment with styling fur. You can wear it with casual pieces of clothing like jeans and a t-shirt so you don’t accidentally turn yourself into Cruella De Vil.
Faux fur coats this season are being produced in fun bright colors and prints with a luxe look to them that will make you look warm and polished. There are many ways casually or dressy to wear a big puffy fur coat, you can simply pair it with skinny jeans, a T-shirt, and boots or for a more dressed up look you can wear with a sleek evening dress and heels. You can pair a vibrant colored faux fur jacket with an all-black outfit for an instant pop of color stylish outfit that will catch people’s attention as you walk by.



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