How to pull of wearing leather pants

How to pull of wearing leather pants

When I think of leather pants all I can think about is how uncomfortable I would be all day. I imagine having to squeeze myself into them then having to wear them all day and act like I am comfortable in them. Then at the end of the day when I do finally get to take them off, I’d have to practically cut myself out of them. It’s like that episode of friends where Ross is on a date and wearing leather pants and he goes into the bathroom to take them off because his legs are sweating. But, he can’t get them back on and he tries everything from baby powder to soap to shaving cream to try to get them back on but he can’t.

Leather pants have this perceived belief about them that you can only be super skinny to wear them. That they are so tight that anyone bigger than a size 2 won’t fit in them. In doing all my research I have found out that his preconceived belief about them is simply not true.

I read an article that said just treat leather pants like they are a new pair of skinny jeans. Yes, you’ll have to break them in and get used to wearing them. But, in no time you’ll be wearing them every day with everything in your closet. Leather pants are a great piece of clothing to own because they look equally just as good dressed up or dressed down. And not all leather pants have to be skin tight to the point you can’t breathe. There are two types of leather pants: skinny and slouchy. It’s all about the way you style the pants that will determine how sleek and stylish you look.

What you can wear them with

To wear leather pants in a causal way simply pair them with a slouchy t-shirt, flannel, and sneakers. If you want to wear them in a professional setting like your day job, you can get a nice pastel color sweater and tuck them into slouchy leather pants and pair with a pair of loafers. The contrasting color of the pastel sweater will give you a more feminine appearance. For an edgier look at work wear the pant with a black tailor fitted blazer, a graphic t-shirt, and a white purse. Black on black screams chic and stylish and the white bag is a pop of color that will make you stand out, add some black heels for an instant professional outfit.

Leather pants can instantly dress up a day-time look. They are also always a good piece to wear when you go out with your friends during the weekend. And in these cold winter months, these pants will keep you warm and show off your style.

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