Summers Best Swimsuits

Summers Best Swimsuits


My wardrobe during summer used to be very simple; a t-shirt, comfy shorts, and Old Navy flip-flops. I was also always wearing my bathing suit all day every day. I grew up participating in swim and diving team so every morning I would put on my one-piece swim team suit and walk down the street to our neighborhood pool for morning practice. We would swim until noon and then we would all stay at the pool all afternoon and hang out. When I reached the wonderful age of 16 I became a lifeguard at the waterpark 10 minutes from my house. I would again have to wear a one-piece bathing suit every day. It wasn’t until I was in college that I owned my first two-piece bathing suit!
I took me awhile to get used to showing off my stomach and being comfortable around people while I wore a bikini. Since then I love buying new bathing suits and trying out different styles! With the first day of summer starting *tomorrow* I wanted to write a post all about the swimsuit styles that are in stores right now. If you are in the market to buy a new suit, you’re in luck! A lot of stores are selling all different kinds and fun new styles of bathing suits. You don’t have to just buy a two-piece triangle bikini anymore, there are one-pieces, tankini’s, sport bra styles and other fashion style suits that are trendy and totally ADORABLE!


One-piece bathing suits have been around since practically the beginning of bathing suits. They have generally been marketed towards older women who want to be more modest and show less skin. Honestly, until this summer I haven’t seen a single stylish one-piece being sold. When I walk into Target or Old Navy or even Nordstrom I’ve been seeing a lot of one-piece suits that come in cute colors and patterns. Mainly what I have been noticing are either bright colors or very muted toned solid color suits. Sometimes the suits have a cute saying like “mermaid” across the chest. Other styles of one-piece suits that I have been seeing in stores are ones that have a belt around the waist (just for style, it has no practical use) or one-piece suits that have a plunging back.


Going back to the more common type of swimsuits – the two piece – that we are used to seeing everyone wearing every summer. Now instead of the usual triangle bikini style that we see every summer, a new style – the sports bra – has emerged.  If you are trying to visualize the suit in your head, think about when you are watching beach volleyball and it’s that style of bikini that the women are wearing. It’s exactly what it sounds like too, it’s a sports bra that is just as supportive and will hold everything into place, but it’s made of bathing suit material! Another popular style I have been seeing recently is one shoulder bikinis. The one shoulder is a simple way to show off some more skin but still have the support of a halter top bikini. Just be careful not to wear the one shoulder top all summer long or you will have one really tan shoulder and one really pale shoulder!


Now with those styles of bathing suits that I talked about above, they also come in cute and fun patterns and prints. My favorite this season is the vertical rainbow stripe pattern that looks great on a one piece. (Vertical stripes will also make you look taller!) Another great print is polka dots. Now the dot print has been around for a long time and can be found on a lot of retro style suits. This season, however, the dots are being printed much larger for a more modern look. Now if you want a cute and flirty swimsuit, I would choose a two piece with a fruit pattern on it! Yes seriously! This season I have been seeing pineapples, cherries, lemons, watermelon, banana’s and more! Having a fruit patterned suit is a fun way to ring in the summer season!

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a cute and trendy swimsuit. I have found a lot of bathing suits – both one and two-piece suits for under $40. My favorite place to go is Target! They always have reasonably priced suits that are cute and will actually last a long time.
What is your favorite swimsuit trend for this summer?


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  1. June 21, 2018 / 11:28 pm

    Target has some of the best swimwear! Great quality, selection, and prices! I have those fuzzy slides and LOVE them. So comfy!

    • CozyStylist
      September 10, 2018 / 1:24 pm

      I LOVE TARGET SWIMWEAR! Well I love all of Target really….Thanks for reading!!

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