5 Ways to Style a Sweater Dress

Before this season, I never wore sweater dresses. For some reason, I thought I convinced myself that I don’t look good in them. I thought they were bulky and chunky and would make me look shapeless. What I discovered this year is that sweater dresses are AMAZING! I mean it’s basically a big comfy sweater that will keep your whole body warm. And the best part is that you don’t have to wear pants with them!! You also don’t have to look like a shapeless square in the dress if you accessorize your outfit correctly. Check out my tips on how to style a sweater dress for every occasion.


A sweater dress will keep you warm from your knees up, but pair the dress with some knee-high boots to keep your lower half warm as well! Boots and sweater dress go together perfectly to create a cute outfit. If it’s not too cold outside you can wear knee socks under your boots to show off some leg. If temperatures are below freezing, you may want to wear tights or leggings underneath your dress to protect your legs from the elements. My personal favorite OTK boots are suede boots. They have a natural look to them that really gives off a cozy and stylish feel. Get a couple pairs of boots that are neutral colors like brown and black so that you can pair them with many different outfits!


I love sweater dresses because of how oversized they are but that is also why I hate them. Some knit dresses are loose, boxy, chunky, and make you look like your body shape is a rectangle. They hide your waistline, so you can bring it back by wearing a belt. By pairing a skinny belt and wearing it at your natural waistline, you can accentuate your figure and emphasize an hourglass shape. It’s great to have a couple different skinny belts hanging up in your closet. That way you can grab a matching belt on your way out the door. Belted dresses are also great year-round and pair great with sundresses and maxi dresses.


Sweater dresses are great because you don’t have to wear pants with them! They’re already a complete outfit, you just have to put them on, grab some shoes and go out the door. If you want to make your sweater dress outfit even more causal you can pair it with sneakers like the ones below. You could also wear a flannel over-top of your dress and then when it’s getting a little warm, wrap the button down around your waist. If you don’t want your legs to freeze, you can always wear leggings with your sweater dress because we all know that leggings are amazing and are definitely acceptable to wear as pants.


Since it’s winter, it is perfectly acceptable to wear all the layers you want. If you are looking to be extra warm while wearing your sweater dress, wrap a scarf around your neck. I personally love to wear blanket scarves with every cold weather outfit because it acts as a giant blanket that is acceptable to wear to work. You can also wear lighter-weight cardigans or vests to go over the top of your sweater dress. If you are looking for a more office-friendly way to layer your dress, try wearing a button up underneath the dress. Have the collar peek out at the neck and have the shirt cuffs folded over your wrists.


For all the holiday get-togethers and office parties, you’ll want to have a more dressed up look. Instead of wearing a chunky cable knit sweater dress, opt-in for a finer quality knit fabric like cashmere or a cashmere polyester blend. Pair the dress with a festive scarf and leather boots to complete your *fancy* outfit. A long knit sweater dress that comes down around your mid-calf will also give off an elongated and slimming appearance for anyone. If you are looking for a simple way to make your sweater dress outfit, simply put on some black tights and heels.
Whichever way you choose to style your sweater dress, it is important to not lose your body shape in all that fabric, wear layers over top of the dress to stay warm, and to pair heels with the outfit to instantly dress your lookup. And if you are just staying home in your ultra soft sweater dress, put on some over the knee socks, make some hot chocolate, and cozy up on the couch to watch movies!
How are you styling sweater dresses this season?


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