Cozy Stylist is a fashion and style blog that I started in January of 2018. I created this blog when I was struggling to find a hobby that I could be interested in and actually stick too.
Cozy Stylist is a blog that features cute, polished, and comfortable outfits and offers advice on where to buy them. This blog is a place for women of all ages to find budget-friendly pieces that won’t break the bank. Every week I offer outfit inspiration, sale alerts, and shopping tips. I post daily outfit inspiration and hope to inspire women to look and feel their best each day.
My Instagram and my blog are my outfit planning sessions on display. Every Sunday I take the time to lay out all the outfits that I want to wear for the week. It helps a lot in the morning when I only have enough time to change and run out the door. The pictures you see every day might not be exactly what I am wearing that day, but it’s definitely an outfit that I will be wearing in the next couple of days, weather depending.


My whole life I have struggled with finding clothes that are cute and fashionable but something that will also keep me warm. I have poor blood circulation so I don’t generate heat as much as a person does. I constantly get made fun of by my family and friends because you I am always wearing a sweater, cardigan, sweatshirt, or have a blanket wrapped around me because I’m so cold, even in summer I wear a sweatshirt.
As I began researching into the fashion blogging world I quickly discovered that I wouldn’t be able to afford the big designer clothing and accessories that most blogger showcase. I have a limited budget so I can’t afford to spend that kind of money. Also, I fell in love with the type of bloggers that were talking about really cute sweaters and t-shirts that were stylish, comfortable, and they were clothing pieces that I could actually afford!




My name is Lindsey and I am a 23 year old fashion enthusiast. I live in Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley – just outside Philadelphia. I never really expected to become a blogger and actually enjoy it, it just kind of happened. I kept seeing posts talking about how to start a blog and all the tools and tips that you need. I got inspired to start blogging and went out and bought a fancy camera and purchased Adobe Photoshop.
I created this blog as an outlet for me to display all my clothing and flat lay pictures (they are my favorite to photograph). People laugh but fashion is my hobby, I’m obsessed with it and learning everything about from the latest trends at fashion week to what celebrities are wearing. I love putting together outfits and seeing how many different combinations I can come up with for one item, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Shopping is also a passion of mine ever since I had money to spend. I get so excited when I find the perfect top that will go with every pair of jeans or a pair of shoes that look fabulous and expensive but I bought on sale for half the price. Shopping and putting together looks is exciting to me and I love everything about it.
Some people spend money on expensive cars, electronics, or home goods,  I spend it on clothing and most importantly shoes.